My first contact with the glass took place in the company LABELS ROURA that passes nine years of my life doing neon labels, everything was realised with blowpipes of table hand and so I acquired great skill in the handling of blowpipes. It continues six years more in the company LABELS TROC in which I was platoon leader. The manufacture of labels began to become monotonous and I requested a leave of absence to begin to realise decoration objects that I myself designed and realised and distributed by all Spain to gift shops through a wholesaler who during years bought all the production to me that I was able to do. It comprises of company GLASS & GOLD in which I could perfect my technique by the difficulty and complexity of the sculptures that we realised like for example, the series of bronze and glass of which I feel very proud and that in that one time, many companies tried to copy without obtaining it. Also I was first in realising in Spain, the famous introduced glass boats in bottles and that all the companies of the moment were copying them until having to stop making them. I always had two companies, VIDRIOLINEA and GLASSBYFIRE always dedicated to objects of gift or decoration of own design and series of not more than 500 units by model. At present, I dedicate myself to make demonstrations of my work and to sell my figures in crafts fairs and also I participate in some exhibition like for example in Navalmoral of Mata in which I obtained the second prize of sculpture. All this explanation of my labor life like craftsman this very summarized, but in 47 years of profession, have been high and low bad gusts of wind, but of the wished ones, but the good that I feel when I realise some newness with the S glass a pleasure that unfortunately everybody cannot enjoy.



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